The IT Firm Used By Utility Companies, Pro-Racing Series, and Manufacturers


Socal Information Technology is dedicated to partnering with your business and can handle the day to day IT management, support, and VOIP communications while you focus on your business. We are a full service IT firm with a background in business process management and improvement.  


Our IT staff is highly trained in the newest business technology including Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Office 365, EnGenius wireless site to site connections, SSD hard drive technology, VOIP deployment, and site to site virtual replication. We can deploy cloud based IT infrastructure or local site IT infrastructure depending on your preferences or requirements.


Our staff members are trained in the newest small business accounting technology including QuickBooks Enterprise. They are highly skilled in running your operations or simply training your existing staff in accounting technology or customer relationship management technology.

Ways To Contact Us:

Phone: (949) 705-6685